These loosely worn and easily exchanged paper wearables are meant to highlight both the ambiguous space where sex and gender live and present and then subvert the readymade body. You can choose from a 3rd eye puss (which doubles as a pussy earning) or a dick headband (which doubles as a cock bolo), among many other Retail! product. Production Value!, Frat Drag!, and Residue, the next three lines of Retail!, are in the research and development phase.

12 inches x 4 feet
Retail! Merchandised: 12 inches x 4 feet

Dick Bolo (Erik) 

Pussy Earning/3rd Eye Puss (detail): $7

Pussy Earing (Miatta) 

Puss Patch (detail): $7

Puss Patch (Michael) 

Lips Pendant (detail) : $7

Third Eye Puss (Margot) 

$7 each
Jewelry Box(w/ nip & puss earnings): $7 each

Dick Headband (ray) 

Dickslap Bracelet : $7

Assball earing (detail): $7