Performative Script: Play With(in) Me Re-enacted (2016) 5:04


Play With(in) Me presented at Hunter Galleries, 205 Hudson Street, New York, NY, April-May 2016

The body, its relation to material, the notion of abstraction (specifically related to queerness), and the phenomenological are explored with these partial-room environments. Enter the bath first; you must wash your dirty asshole, as you shat only two hours ago. Collect your body in the Silver Pond, part dance floor, part bath. Oh, and don't forget your toilet reading; copies of my performative script Play With(in) Me were outside this installation.

Don’t forget to wipe.

This project looks at objects and their relationship to other objects; objects as friends. Agamben’s “The Friend” sets a framework for the ontological and political nature of friendship. Foucault’s “Friendship as way of Life” queers this relationship, providing a look at homosexuality as not a form of desire but as something desirable.

What does it mean for objects to come together but maintain a degree of independence, for each work to be a singular entity in its own right but share space with its companion works, and to be an object that is interconnected and non-hierarchical without being reliant or serial?

I hope to draw attention to the idea that the vacant space between the otherwise separate sculptures belongs to the viewer, and I am interested in making work that can be celebrated as a “function of space, light, and the viewer’s field of vision”. All of which helps to activate space so that “one is more aware than before that one’s self is establishing relationships as [(s)[t(he)y] apprehends the object from various positions and under varying conditions of light and spatial context”.

Meaning, friendship, queerness, materiality, and otherness is found in and outside the object, through calling upon the body for (full and/or partial) activation, and by navigating these partial-room/semi-stages/discrete-spaces.