How does one draw with light (an element that is seamlessly everywhere and nowhere at the same time)? Can this be a proxy for tackling a contemporary gender and sexuality politic?

The politics of surface, the tactile, material, and color are at play. Plaster cast hands and feet, two body parts in addition to my asshole that primarily orient my physical participation with my environment, are meant to facilitate a new entry point into an alternative space. The elastic and reflective nature of materials becomes stand-ins for a fluid existence. Ultimately, I am hoping to harness the weight and mass of the external and the levity of the internal to move to the beyond.

Projected is a video of Blue: Erik, Nick and Nina, a non-linear narrative and layered meditation on a time to come. Featured as part of the video are Bob Mizer’s subjective character analysis symbols and codes from his forty year publication project Physique Pictorial and my twin brother, Nick.